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Students in the XVision team on their way to the $ 100,000 prize

Students in the XVision team on their way to the $ 100,000 prize

Students in the XVision team on their way to the $ 100,000 prize

5 July 2018






Xvision, the team of four students from the Faculty of Automation and Computing within University Politehnica Timisoara (Ștefan Iarca, Bogdan Bercean, Cristian Avramescu, Andrei Tenescu, coordinated by lecturer eng. Sebastian Fuicu, PhD), which in late February 2018, won the Grand Prix within the Big Idea Challenge competition organized by Microsoft, worth $ 3,000, go on to the $ 100,000 prize of the Imagine Cup 2018 Global competition also organized by Microsoft. Meanwhile, they have won both national stage, and the Central and Eastern Europe stages of Imagine Cup and will leave on July 21, 2018 to Seattle, US to the world finals of the competition.

If at the Big Idea Challenge they won the Grand Prix by presenting their idea of business and project, they have now put the project into practice. The system created by the UPT students analyzes radiographs with the aid of artificial intelligence, compares them with the approximately 200,000 found in the database, and based on an algorithm created by the XVision team outputs the diagnosis. In other words, they have created an application that receives radiographs in electronic format, analyzes them using artificial intelligence algorithms created by them, and the result is automatically displayed as a list of possible diagnoses, each with a probability, and a map of anomalies.

Currently, only pulmonary radiographs can be analyzed, but the team is working to create algorithms for all areas of the body. The application is available online, free of charge, at visionx.azurewebsites.net.

This year's Xvision’s Awards:

  • 1st place at the Microsoft Big Ideea Challenge (2018) competition, a contest with hundreds of teams from around the world;
  • IDMSC 2018, Timisoara - Grand Prize;
  • 1st place at the national stage of Microsoft Imagine Cup (2018);
  • Best Business Award at National Innovation Labs 2018, Bucharest;
  • Best Deeptech Startup, Paris - Morpheus Cup Prize;
  • Startup Campus Innovator, Budapest - Most Innovative Startup;
  • 1st Place Startup Campus Innovator, Pionners Vienna Conference;
  • Microsoft Imagine Cup winners - Central and Eastern Europe - Seattle World Finals Qualifiers;
  • 1st place at the national Venture Cup - qualifying at the Copenhagen Venture Cup international stage.

Other prizes:

  • 2nd place at the national stage of Microsoft Imagine Cup (2017) with the Mindfully project;
  • 1st place in the Healthcare category, at Hackathon HackTM (2017);
  • 1st place in the Best UX category at HackTM hackathon (2018);
  • 1st Place Vox Your Startup local startup competition (2018), organized by Vox Technologies;
  • 3rd place at Cybersecurity International Contest in Suceava (2017), USV Capture The Flag.


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