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Admission to the Faculty of Architecture and City Planning within UPT will be held online

Admission to the Faculty of Architecture and City Planning within UPT will be held online

The entrance exam consists of two parts: a portfolio + interview

19 May 2020






For the July 2020 session, registration and the entrance exam to the study programs of the Faculty of Architecture and City Planning in Timișoara (FAUT) within Politehnica University Timișoara, the Architecture specialization (bachelor’s degree with an integrated master, 6 years), respectively Furniture and Interior Design (bachelor’s degree, 3 years) will be held online.

Candidates will be registered via a dedicated application, and pending validation of the submitted documents, each candidate will be assigned an identification code that will be used in the admission competition to ensure anonymity throughout the entire process until the results are displayed.

The entrance exam consists of two parts: a portfolio + interview.

The purpose of the portfolio of projects is to reveal the creativity and skills of candidates in spatial perception, sense of proportion, imagination and two-dimensional representation of shapes, general knowledge of architecture, execution ability, and knowledge of representation techniques. The portfolio consists of:

  • 2 papers with a topic of the candidate’s choice, but relevant to the candidate's concerns;
  • 5 A3 format boards containing exclusively graphic elements within a topic decided according to the admission curriculum, available in detail on the faculty website - http://www.arh.upt.ro -, in the section dedicated to admission. Each board deals with clearly defined topics to ensure a differentiated assessment of the content of the portfolio.

The purpose of the interview is to allow the candidate to argue the content of the submitted portfolio. Participation in the interview is conditioned by passing the portfolio stage. The interview will take place online on the Zoom audio-video communication platform and will have a maximum of three conversation topics:

  • the content of the portfolio and its elaboration;
  • the motivation for choosing the field of study architecture/furniture and interior design (concerns, extra activities, etc.);
  • an answer to a given situation.

The final admission grade will be calculated with a weight of 30% for the Baccalaureate grade.

After June 1, 2020, additional details regarding online registration, the exam calendar, and admission methodology will be announced. All updates will be made public on the website (http://www.arh.upt.ro/) and the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/fau.timisoara).

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