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"Building Construct" Contest

"Building Construct" Contest

The first online edition

28 May 2020






The Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Student Organization "Traian Lalescu" (OSTL), from Politehnica University Timișoara organized, on May 27, 2020, the third edition (the first online) of the student contest "Building Construct". It is a competition on using modern construction materials, addressed to first-year students, from the Civil Engineering and Installation Engineering departments of UPT's Faculty of Civil Engineering.

In the opening of the event, prof. eng. Daniel Dan, Ph.D., vice-rector of UPT, prof. eng. Raul Zaharia, Ph.D., dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, student Claudiu Țăran, from OSTL, prof. eng. Corneliu Bob, Ph.D., president of IABSE Romania, and, of course, the contest's organizer, associate professor Cătălin Badea, Ph.D.

The competition is designed for the practical deepening of developing knowledge about constructions and construction materials. It contributes to the formation of a solid base in the profession of civil engineers. Participants have the opportunity to improve their creativity and ability to communicate and work in a team as well as to know current trends in the field of construction materials.

The year 2020 brought a change in the conduct of the competition. Because the possibility of practical teamwork was lacking, students conducted studies in the form of scientific papers, addressing topics in the field of modern materials in construction.

The competition took place in 2 stages:

Stage I - Carrying out the research

During the study, the teams were guided by tutors - teachers from Building Materials and student tutors from OSTL, as well as by specialists in the field.

Stage II - Presentation of the study

Each team presented their study in an online conference. Then, each student had the opportunity to vote for the team that made the most exciting project and made the best presentation.

During the competition, the 144 participating students, organized in teams, presented a series of fascinating case studies, such as bio concrete, translucent concrete, thermal insulation with sheep wool, the use of ash from thermal power plants in constructions, the use of composite materials in constructions, construction materials with hemp, ecological construction materials, ways of using wood in buildings, the use of renewable energy, reinforcements and thermal insulation of various types, etc.

After judging all the projects, the following were ranked on the first places: BIO Concrete (1st place); Use of renewable energy in topographic equipment (2nd place); Translucent concrete (3rd place); Decorative mortars - Microcement and Composite materials - The future of construction (mentions). All papers were published in the journal "Building Construct", available on the faculty website.

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