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Celebrating 96 years since the establishment of the Politehnica and 75 years of the existence of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

Celebrating 96 years since the establishment of the Politehnica and 75 years of the existence of the Faculty of Civil Engineering

96 years of Politehnica, 75 yeas of Higher Education in Civil Engineering

11 November 2016






In 2016, Politehnica University of Timișoara celebrates 96 years of existence.

Politehnica's anniversary days from October 20 - November 20 included a series of events that have highlighted once again the key role that the university plays as a provider of education and socio-economic drivers of regional development.

The Faculty of Civil Engineeringis also celebrating 75 years of existence, on Friday, November 11 2016. Commemorative ceremony will be held in the Amphitheater "Nicolae Maior" of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, from 10:00.

About the Faculty of Civil Engineering

Along these 75 years, the faculty has got national and international recognition, and through the reputation of its staff and professional reliability of over 18000 graduates, has built its tradition in the frontline of academic, scientific and professional development in the field.

The educational offer is adapted to both national and international standards for three study domains, which are closely related: Civil Engineering, Building Services Engineering and Geodetic Engineering. This offer, which includes an Erasmus Mundus Master program in cooperation with five top level European universities, and a double Diploma agreement with one of the most prestigious universities of Germany.

The research topics are adapted to the actual trends in the field, which is demonstrated by the important number of national and international research projects in which the faculty is involved, together with partners from important universities, research centers or industrial companies.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering in Timisoara is involved in the national standardization activity, as well as in consulting activities for important objectives. From the early 1990s, the faculty has pioneered the introduction and promotion of European Structural Eurocodes in Romania. Today, members of the faculty represent our country in the Working Groups and Project Teams of CEN - Comité Européen de Normalisation, for drafting the new generation of Eurocodes.


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