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High-performance cloud platform at UPT

High-performance cloud platform at UPT


29 September 2020






The opening conference of the project "CloudPUTing - High-performance Cloud Platform at Politehnica University Timișoara" took place on September 28th, at Politehnica University Timișoara. The project, worth a total of 4,051,241 RON, has the main objective to create a heterogeneous HPC type cloud node dedicated to the development of research projects, as well as to supporting teaching activities.

The aim of the project is to increase the research and innovation capacity of UPT, to raise the level of competitiveness and scientific visibility of the institution nationally and internationally, and improve the technology transfer capacity for research results. It is set to do so by creating a cloud node based on open technologies, connected to national and international networks of research cloud infrastructure, with applicability in collecting, storing, analyzing, processing, distributing, and protecting the volumes of heterogeneous data produced within the research and innovation actions carried out in western Romania.

The new service will benefit all UPT teachers, researchers, and Ph.D. students, regardless of the field of research in which they operate (thus having access to centralized computing, storage, and productivity services), UPT's public and private research partners, students enrolled in master's programs, especially those with a focus on research, undergraduate students, for the realization of projects, high school students, for projects and competitions, graduates and UPT students with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to launch a product and need services infrastructure for the solutions it develops.

The project involves the arrangement of a dedicated data room space, inside UPT, with an area of 80 sqm, of which 50 sqm will be dedicated only to servers, internet infrastructure of at least 3 Gbps, ventilation systems, cooling and humidity control, video surveillance, access control, burglar alarm system, etc.

During the opening conference, the rector of UPT, associate professor, Florin Dragan, Ph.D., who is also the project manager, spoke about the need for cloud infrastructures in the future of UPT, prof. eng. Marius Marcu, Ph.D., the architect of the cloud solution, presented the objectives and directions of implementation of the CloudPUTing project, and prof. eng. Mihai Micea, Ph.D., technical implementation manager, focused on supporting research and teaching activities using the cloud infrastructure.

Regarding the capitalization of the project, there are projects of companies that want to test certain specific learning techniques on data they have, the development of practical training and improvement courses in the field of cloud infrastructures and cloud application development, as well as integration in a national high-performance cloud computing system having as main nodes the major university centers in Romania.

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