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New steps towards the creation of an academic alliance for Timișoara

New steps towards the creation of an academic alliance for Timișoara

four state universities in Timișoara

20 May 2020






The management teams, consisting of the rectors and vice-rectors of the four state universities in Timișoara, the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Victor Babeș", Politehnica University Timișoara, the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Banat "King Mihai I of Romania" and the West University), had on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, a first online meeting in extended form, which is part of the series of actions meant to lead to the creation of a university alliance for the city of Timisoara.

The new alliance aims, on the one hand, to expand at the academic level, by establishing institutional collaborative relationships in various fields (teaching, research, joint projects, raising funds, developing educational policies, etc.), and on the other hand, initiating actions that will increase the attractiveness and development of the city of Timisoara.

In the next period, joint working teams will be set up between the vice-rectors who coordinate similar fields, who will start the development of joint projects.

„100 years ago, Timișoara was elevated to the rank of Civitas Academica with the signing by King Ferdinand, on November 11, 1920, of the Decree establishing the Polytechnic School, Politehnica University Timișoara of today, which became, over time, one of the largest and most famous universities in Central and Eastern Europe. The transformation of Timișoara into a university city had as a direct effect the increase of the attractiveness for investments of all types, the preservation of the young and innovative spirit, the promotion of the avant-garde image of the Romanian and European science.

That emulation born a century ago by the establishment of the first higher education institution in the city created the premises for further academic development. Politehnica has significantly contributed to the establishment of other universities in Timișoara, either by detaching some faculties or by making available some spaces or teachers so necessary in the beginning.

Now, in the 100th year of our existence, which is also the Year of Politehnica, declared by Decision of the Local Council, beyond tradition, especially in the area of  engineering, later adding architecture, management and communication, we want a fruitful collaboration with the other higher education institutions in Timișoara, leading to the further development and affirmation of the city and the area. In this context, Politehnica University Timișoara brings especially expertise in the area of  technology, which has come to enter all fields, providing the appropriate framework for the development of collaboration platforms on various topics.

It is our mission to carry on the tradition, the spirit of Timisoara, and history has taught us that the chances of success are much higher if we act together", said Assoc. prof. eng. Florin Dragan, Ph.D., rector of Politehnica University Timisoara.

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