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UPT, awarded on Flag Day

UPT, awarded on Flag Day

Diploma for the fight against Covid-19

26 June 2020






The officials of Timiș County celebrated the usual Flag Day military and religious ceremony, on June 26, 2020, in front of the Administrative Palace from Timișoara. On that occasion, the prefect of Timiș, Mrs. Liliana Oneț, handed diplomas to those involved in the fight against the new coronavirus.

The rector of Politehnica University Timișoara, associate professor Florin Drăgan, Ph.D., was awarded a diploma "as a sign of appreciation for the activity carried out in the fight against COVID 19 during the state of emergency and alert, to protect the health and safety of the citizens of Timiș County".

The speeches of dignitaries and heads of institutions were followed by the bringing of the flag, which was consecrated by His Eminence Ioan Selejan, Metropolitan of Banat, together with a council of priests. The officials kissed one by one, the Romanian flag.

"We also awarded diplomas to the MIA structures that were with us every day in this fight, to the universities in Timișoara that supported us both with dormitories made available to us, in case we had a large number of infected people, and we needed to quarantine and isolate people", said Liliana Oneț, the prefect of Timiș County.

Politehnica University Timisoara has been involved since the beginning in the fight against the new coronavirus by providing homes and other accommodation and producing disinfectants, protective visors, and ventilation devices sterilization devices, electronic stethoscopes, etc.

UPT, premiată de Ziua Drapelului
UPT, premiată de Ziua Drapelului
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