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    Dear colleagues and students,


We started a new path of Politehnica together, in the year of the Centenary, in different conditions from the ones we have become accustomed to in recent years. Even if, in this context, it is not easy for us, I am convinced that the ambitions for the evolution of Politehnica remain the same, namely to strengthen this academic edifice that led to the modern construction of Timisoara, the redefinition of community involvement in the academic life of the city, rededication to the role of guiding so many generations of students, by opening their horizon to the challenges of the future.

We want to generate even more skills in the field of technology, to be fully involved in developing the entrepreneurial spirit of our students, to greatly influence regional economic growth and to become a real hub to interconnect the expansion of companies in the region with university research and the career plans of those who choose to attend our university. To achieve this ambitious goal, we continue to rely on the partnership with the economic and societal environment, established by the University Steering Committee, by involving it in the development of research and university curriculum and transforming university processes with the help of entrepreneurs or private influencers, university graduates or collaborators in research and development projects in which Politehnica is involved.

We are on a path where the dynamics of change are completely different, creativity and innovation in education and technology occupy a central place, the multidisciplinary approach becomes an obligation of any institution that wants to produce education at a solid level. We have the advantage that engineering is the basis of most professions, and we are not talking about the future, but about the fact that this reality is already present and manifested. This gives us an extraordinary position, which in time will be established, that of a foundation for the development of collaborative spaces, in which technologies are the basis of scientific research and not only in the case of exact sciences. In this context, in addition to the partnership already established with the main technical universities in Romania within ARUT, we aim to bring the academic space in the region closer, through a closer collaboration primarily with other universities in Timisoara, a collaboration that will grow from the stage of good relations between teachers, groups or even faculties and be based on an institutional framework that facilitates the development of important socio-economic projects or generates common approaches at the national level.

We want to introduce profound changes in the university administration, by importing models from the private sector, putting in the foreground the digitization of all administrative processes of the university, by ensuring an exchange of information based on modern data structures or software applications with cloud storage, ensuring decision-making decentralization at certain administrative levels of the university and increasing transparency in the development of financial policies. We are concerned with improving communication between the various administrative structures of the university and promoting open relationships that ensure the rapid resolution of all problems that arise.

We embark on this path with a management team dedicated to these goals, consisting of colleagues promoting what the spirit of Politehnica means, totally involved in achieving these objectives, representatives of all members of the university community. I believe that our success is not related to a single person and their ambitions but to a Team that can build an ensemble and can develop policies that have a major, positive impact on the development of the university in the new Centenary that opens before us.

I rely on your involvement, the people of Politehnica, all colleagues involved in teaching, research, or administration. I am sure that these changes are expected by you, dear colleagues and the dynamics of the future are in tune with the history of the first century of our university's existence. I know your work and I assure you of the consultation in making certain decisions, of correct treatment, in agreement with the activity of each one, even if, in some cases, I am convinced that we cannot fully reward all your efforts or involvement.

I am sure, dear students, that, beyond the very good endowments of our laboratories or the special patrimony for the Romanian university space, the patrimony you benefit from, your energy and involvement will help us fulfill our objectives and both during studies and after graduation, you will ensure the continuity of the presence of Politehnica Timișoara among the first academic brands of Romania.

We are prepared for the challenges that follow and, beyond the shortcomings caused by the current epidemiological context, I believe that we will become a community with stronger ties. I want you to watch and follow the recommendations of those empowered to give them so that, when we come out of this genuine tunnel, we are all healthy, full of energy, and work power to be able to contribute to what will be Politehnica of the new century.



Assoc.prof.eng. Florin Drăgan, PhD.

Rector of Politehnica UniversityTimişoara




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