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Student residences: 23G and 25G

Student residences: 23G and 25G







Studio type residences accommodating teaching staff, PhD students, employees and UPT sportsmen. Room facilities: Internet, cable TV, furniture purchased in 2007.

Timisoara, UPT Campus
Student residence 23G – Alexandru Vaida Voievod Street, no.23G. It is located near the Politehnica University Restaurant.
Student residence 25G – Aurelianus Street, no. 25G. It is located near BRD Groupe Societe Generale. Access from Socrates Street or Aleea Studentilor.

Contact details of the administrators:

Student residence 23G: Angela BRATEANU tel. 0256 - 404328
Student residence 25G: Simona SZABO tel. 0256 - 404338
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